The management team of Sahathai Terminal, in collaboration with the Thai Authorized Customs Brokers Association (TACBA), extended a warm welcome to approximately 40 faculty members, staff, and students from Silpakorn University. The visit was dedicated to studying topics related to import and export procedures, as well as international water transportation in Thailand. This educational field trip aligns with the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing ceremony between TACBA and Sahathai Terminal, held at Sahathai Terminal Port.

During this field study, Ms. Minrawi Phodee, Chief Commercial Officer at Sahathai Terminal Company, assumed the role of speaker, delivering a lecture on the topic ‘Import-Export Process and International Water Transportation.’ aimed to provide valuable knowledge about logistics industry processes, with the intent of benefiting future study tours. Subsequently, a representative from the Customs Department took the floor to impart knowledge on the ‘Import-Export Process’, enhancing the study tour group’s understanding of cargo import and export processes in Thailand.

In the afternoon session, Sahathai Terminal extended an opportunity for the study tour group to visit all operations within Sahathai Port, including the import and export process of the company and the customs clearance process. This hands-on experience allowed the study tour group to gain practical insights into the operational processes, directly interacting with real personnel within the port.