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The group of Company’s principal businesses comprise of 4 categories as follows; 1. Terminal business 2. In-land transportation business 3. Rental area and warehouse business 4. Other related services business

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The Exercise of Rights to Purchase the Newly Issued Ordinary Shares of Sahathai Terminal Public Company Limited under the PORT-W1 Warrants (the 1st Exercise)

SET Announcements

13/12/19| Notification the exercise of PORT-W1, the 1st Exercise | Download

25/11/19| SET moves PORT from mai to SET since November 26, 2019 | Download

21/11/19| Progress Report of Investment Projects. | Download
18/11/19| Invitation to shareholders prior propose agenda and nominate qualify candidate to be elected as the Company’s director in the 2020 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) | Download
12/11/19| Management Discussion and Analysis Quarter 3 Ending 30 Sep 2019 | Download
12/11/19| Reviewed financial performance Quarter 3 (F45)| Download
12/11/19| Financial Statement Quarter 3/2019 (Reviewed)| Download
11/10/19| Disclosure of Minutes of Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders No. 1/2019 on the Company’s Website | Download
09/10/19| New shares of PORT to be traded on October 10, 2019 | Download
07/10/19| Report on the result of stock dividend allocation (F53-5) | Download
01/10/19| Shareholders meeting’s resolution (Rev Agenda 5 in Thai version) | Download
30/09/19| Shareholders meeting’s resolution| Download
06/09/19| IFA’s opinion on the selling warehouse in the free zone area that shareholders should approve the transaction| Download
06/09/19| Publication of the Invitation to the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders No. 1/2019 on the Company’s Website| Download
22/08/19| Right Adjustment of PORT-W1 (edit template)| Download
21/08/19| Notification of the resolution of the Board of Directors No. 5/2019 regarding the related transactions, dividend payment, stock dividend payment, increase the registered capital and amend the Memorandum of Association of company. (Revised) | Download
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Press Releases

18/01/2019 | Sahathai Terminal (PORT), APM Terminals and Mitr Phol Sugar Join Hands to Set Up a Greenfield Terminal in Bangkok | Read more …

18/01/2019 | TICON Reaffirms as Leading Industrial-Property Developer by Expanding Business Partnership with Sahathai Terminal To Set Up New Logistics Park | Read more …

21/12/2018 | BCDS has officially launches 2nd phase | Read more …

15/06/18 | Sahathai Terminal Join MAI Forum 2018 | Read more …

06/06/2018 | Full Steam Ahead as Sahathai Terminal Builds Upon Strong Momentum | Read more …

Watch Our Corporate Video

Our corporate video is a good presentation of our mission and values. Watch our corporate video to get a good idea of how we operate and what matters to us.


Corporate Video

Commercial Video

Financial Statement

Sahathai Terminal’s financial reports is available for downloading here.

Q1/2019   Q2/2019
Q3/2019   Y2019

Q1/2018   Q2/2018
Q3/2018   Y2018

Q1/2017  Q2/2017
Q3/2017   Y2017

Q1/2016  Q2/2016
Q3/2016   Y2016

Annual Report

The Board of directors of Sahathai Terminal Co., Ltd. conducts an annual report at the end of each fiscal year. You can download our  Annual Report here.

Year 2018
Download Annual Report
Download 56-1
Year 2017
Download Annual Report
Download 56-1


Presentation for an overall view or for brief information of our business.





The section reflects information about our major shareholders, based on recent public filings. This section also displays Sahathai Terminal’s dividend policy.

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Shareholder Meeting Files

Sahathai Terminal issues reports regularly following our shareholders meetings. Here you can download publicly available files related to our recent shareholders meetings.

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Analyst Report

Here you can download our Analyst Report




Corporate Governance

The Code of Best Practice is a policy related to corporate governance to provide a guideline to shareholders, directors, employees and stakeholders of the company.


Charter of the Board

This Charter has been adopted by the Board of Directors to assist the Board and its committees in the exercise of their responsibilities. The Board will review this Charter annually.

Charter of Board of Directors
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Charter of Chairman
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Our Code of Conduct

We have arranged a code of conduct as part of the corporate governance to provide a guideline to directors, managing directors and employees on various topics.



Risk Management Policy

We are aware that risk management is a key foundation to achieving our goals. Risk identification and management help and supports us to make better decisions.
In addition, the Company has set up Compliance Unit to be responsible for legal risk.


Inside Information and Securities Trading Policy

Here you can download our Inside Information and Securities Trading Policy.




Company Visit

The company provides an opportunity for analysts, journalist and investors to meet with executives and visit the company.

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Pirate Policy

The company does not have a policy to not violate intellectual property directly, but the company has some procedure manual that related this issue



Report on the Company’s operating results

Sahathai Terminal would like to report the Management’s Discussion and Analysis as below.

2019                  2018
Q1  Download  Q1  Download
Q2  Download  Q2  Download
Q3  Download  Q3  Download
Y    Download   Y    Download

Company Snapshot

Download Company Snapshot here.

2019                   2018
3M Download  3M Download
6M Download  6M Download
9M Download  9M Download
Y   Download   Y   Download


Sahathai Terminal join opportunity day. If you missed the event, you could watch it now ! !

Opportunity Day Q2/2019        >> Click Here
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Opportunity Day Q1/2018        >> Click Here
Opportunity Day Q2/2018        >> Click Here
Opportunity Day Q3/2018        >> Click Here
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Upcoming Events

Opportunity Day

Q3/2019   >> 12 Dec 2019 I 1.00 pm. – 2.00 pm.

Company Visit

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If you are an investor and would like to receive more information about Sahathai Terminal, feel free to use the contact form below to get in touch with our investor relations division. You can also call our investor relations contact at:
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