Sahathai Terminal, an integrated river port, participated in the Bangkok Truck Show 2024, the general meeting 2024, organized by the Import-Export Transport Association (IM-EX TA) in collaboration with the Thai Authorized Customs Brokers Association (TACBA) at PAT AREANA, the Port Authority of Thailand. The event attracted over 500 attendees, including members of the TACBA Association and transport operators from across the country.

At this event, Ms. Minrawi Phodee, Chief Commercial Officer at Sahathai, and Bangkok Trucking Service Company (BTS), a subsidiary of Sahathai Terminal, attended this meeting. This general meeting was held to report the association’s operations in 2023 and to exchange ideas on organizational development between association members through a special seminar under the topic ‘Opportunities and Challenges in Transportation of Goods by Trucks in the Next Normal and Digital Era’. Additionally, attendees could visit over 70 transport operators’ booths during the event. Furthermore, Sahathai Terminal was the sole port participant at the event.

In the evening, the association hosted a dinner party to express gratitude to customers and commemorate the 25th anniversary of TACBA and the 20th anniversary of IM-EX TA. The event featured live music performances and prize-drawing activities.