The Thai Authorized Customs Brokers Association (TACBA), a non-profit association, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Sahathai Terminal Company to elevate business potential and develop competitiveness for members of the TACBA at Sahathai Terminal.

The TACBA was established in 1998 with a gathering of Thai customs brokers. The organization aims to enhance the knowledge and abilities of customs brokers and licensed customs agents and promote transparent operations with international standards. Its ultimate goal is to supply customs brokers and agents with the means to provide services to importers and exporters quickly and promptly. As such, one of the organization’s primary duties is to provide helpful information to government agencies and push for regulations that facilitate imports and exports to and from the country.

During the signing ceremony for this collaboration, the executive management team of Sahathai Terminal extended a warm welcome and introduced Sahathai Port. Simultaneously, Mr. Anant Tinaphong, President of the TACBA, introduced the association to the ceremony attendees. After that, Mr. Phongpat Satyawinit, Vice President of the TACBA, presented a report on the collaboration between the two organizations, encompassing promoting products and services to association members.

Under the said agreement, both organizations have a common goal of supporting and promoting activities and projects that benefit the association’s members and the nation. Through building business networks, coordinate cooperation in promoting and supporting academics, including the exchange of knowledge, to increase the efficiency of business competition for association members.

Following the successful signing of the joint agreement, both organizations exchanged tokens of appreciation and gathered for a photo session. This gesture underscores their shared dedication to bolstering the association’s logistics network for greater strength in the future.